Shane is a two-spirit, 100% disabled and retired combat veteran. He transitioned in 2009 while actively serving. He is most known for his coming out article in the Washington Post which greatly helped shift the stigma of transgender military service. On July 20, 2016 Shane was retired as a Staff Sergeant with over eleven years in two different branches of service. Those were the United States Marine Corps from 2005-2009, and then United States Army in 2009-2016. He served multiple combat tours in both Iraq and Afghan theaters. 

Since 2008 Shane has set the bar high in accomplishing LGBT military equality. His first accomplishment was Co-founding a transgender specific Chapter for Outserve-SDLN (503c). He created and lead this safe space for actively serving transgender military personal. Additionally 2010 was a huge year for Shane, He was voted to advisory board member of Military Freedom Coalition (503c). Here he worked in aide of Joshua Block (ACLU) and Dr. Aaron Belkin (Palm Center) on the repeal of DADT, equal opportunity protections for LGB service members and he was hugely instrumental in lifting the ban for transgender military service. In 2013, Shane also co-founded SPARt*A- a non-profit LGBT military support group. Shane personally advocates on the needs of LGBTQ health compentancy, athletes, women, veterans, people of color and disabled persons.

Shane recently worked as the Transgender Responsiveness Coordinator for Center for Health Justice.- Los Angeles. This remarkable non-profit organization serves the needs of LGBTQ people impacted by incarceration. He is also on the board of This organization addresses the forty-one percent of total adult transgender people who commit and attempt suicide. He is also a member of Athlete Ally, Wounded Warrior Project and Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. 

Shane continues to take work as a Consultant, Writer, Educational Speaker and LGBT focused brand ambassador.  For fun he likes to watch movies, go to powwows, paddleboard and hike. Shane has a French Bulldog named Karl. 

Shane thanks and credits Joshua Block of the ACLU, Aaron Belkin, Ph.D of the Palm Center , Ret. Navy Seal Kristen Beck, Sean Sala and Ashiegh Barazza whom he worked with over the years to meet these amazing accomplishments for our community.